ESL: English as a Second Language

Last Updated: 4/9/2019 3:29 PM

ESL Training Documents


English Language Learners (ELL)
Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

The Pulaski County School system proudly offers a learning environment for a diverse community. Through the collaboration efforts of content teachers and the English Language Learners department, students whose native language may not be English, are given an equal opportunity to succeed.

Currently, the school district employees two ESL instructors who serve LEP students in pull out and collaborative settings. ESL teachers assist students in adjusting to a new culture as well as concentrating on English acquisition. In addition, ESL teachers provide assistance for classroom teachers in meeting the specific needs of LEP students and collaborate in the regular classroom setting as needed.

Students entering the ELL program are screened within one month of enrollment in the Pulaski County School System. The decision for initial screening is based on recommendation from teachers, administrators, family members and the Home Language Survey which is completed upon enrollment. An individual language assessment committee is then formed to develop a Personal Service Plan (PSP) designed to assist the student with English acquisition and promote specific classroom modifications designed to enhance content instruction for each student. This plan is evaluated annually after student progress is measured and adjusted as necessary.

The goal of Pulaski County’s ELL department is to provide every student who enters the program a solid curriculum designed to meet their needs and to develop English proficiency levels that will allow the student to academically compete with their peers.


Braun, Mike  
Business: (606) 679-1123  
Address: P.O. Box 1055 Somerset, KY 42502  
Mr. Braun is the Director of Districtwide Programs for the Pulaski County School district. 

Pyles, Maria  
Business: (606) 678-5229  
Mobile: (606) 271-7962  
Address: Southern Elementary 198 Enterprise Drive Somerset, KY 42501  
Mrs. Pyles is one of the ESL instructors for the Pulaski County School district. She works with students at Burnside Elementary, Eubank Elementary, Northern Elementary, Oak Hill Elementary, Pulaski Elementary, and Southern Elementary.

Wright, Byron   
Business: (606) 679-6855  
Address: Southern Middle School 200 Enterprise Drive Somerset, KY 42501  
Mr. Wright is one of the ESL instructors for the Pulaski County School district. He works with students at Nancy Elementary, Shopville Elementary, Northern Middle School, Southern Middle School, Pulaski County High School, and Southwestern High School.