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    Because the COVID incident rate in Pulaski County is below 25 cases per 100,000, masks are optional for staff and students November 29 - December 3, 2021.  Masks are required at the ATC.

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Attendance Policy

Last Updated: 8/20/2021 6:21 PM
 School Attendance means Life Success.......

      The attendance policy for the 2021- 2022 school year.

A child is allowed six (6) parent notes/ excused per year for sickness. These can be used at any time your child doesn't go to the doctor. Parent excuses can be used for full days or tardies. 

Students will be limited to ten (10) days for doctor's excuses for the school year. When a child misses school due to illness or Dr. / Dentist appointments, make sure you send an excuse; parent note or Dr./ Dentist statement within five (5) days of returning to school. 

Notes turned in after five (5) days will not be accepted.

If your child has exhausted all Dr./ Dentist notes and Parent notes, and your child will continue to miss school due to Dr. appointments, you will need to have the Dr. fill out a chronic illness form. Only the appointments with the chronic illness form requesting Dr. will be excused. These forms can be obtained in the school office.

A child is considered tardy when he/ she gets to schools after 8:10 AM and leaves school before 3:05 PM. 
A student is considered a habitual truant when he/ she has more than six (6) un-excused events; tardies or full days.  

If your child will be out of school for more than five (5) schooldays days due to surgery/ hospitalization, you need to have your child put on homebound before the surgery.  The forms to apply for homebound services can be picked up in the school office. While on homebound, your child will NOT be considered absent.

 Here are some suggestions to develop a positive attitude, productive school experiences and good attendance:
  • Make sure your child gets enough rest. Your child needs at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep each night for optimum academic success, physical growth and resistance to disease. Stick to regular bedtimes!
  • Check out the attached pictures about children's bed times. 
  • Have a happy departure each morning.  Get up in time to have “talk-time” with your children and be cheerful and enthusiastic.
  • Be positive.  Avoid complaining and nagging, especially in the morning.
  • Stay in touch with your child and the teacher.  
  • In case of Illness. Be understanding when your child says he/ she is sick.  When in doubt, check their temperature.
  • Praise your child whenever you are pleased with their attendance and/ or schoolwork.
  • Keep up the good work!!! Get off to the right start on the first day of each new school term.